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The SLIDERS_lab is an artistic collective born in 2005. It deals with an aesthetic and critical territory around moving images, memory, archiving and digital technology. By questioning the concept of the aesthetics of information in the era of Big Data, his approach is currently extending to contemporary forms of representation and navigation in audiovisual collections.

The hard core of the collective is composed of Frédéric Curien and Jean-Marie Dallet to which are added according to the projects of other artists, designers, engineers, researchers, theorists.

Their approach is multifaceted, ranging from audiovisual installations, performances, sculpture, design and experimentations. Our projects are characterized by their fictional dimension, their critical point of view, their freedom from codes and their ability to offer new experiences to the individual and collective audience.

The SLIDERS_lab has exhibited its creations in France (Palais de Tokyo, Gaité Lyrique, La Villette, CNAM Museum, Faux Mouvement, Le LAIT, Le Cube, etc.) and abroad (Belgium, Brazil, South Korea, Lebanon , Poland, etc.).

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Frédéric Curien is a composer and sound visual artist. Member of the Fab®ICC research group, University of Poitiers, he teaches at EESI. He conducts research at the intersection between music and visual arts, on the aesthetics of interactive sound and musical spaces in contemporary art.

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Jean-Marie Dallet is an artist and Professor at the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. He recently published the works “Cinema, Interactivity and Society” (University of Poitiers and CNRS, 2013), “Memory Architectures” (Presses du Réel, 2019), as well as the catalog of the exhibition of which he was curator, “Mémoires vives. From Nam June Paik to SLIDERS_lab” (Lannoo, 2019).

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Keywords: movement images, cinema, architecture, memory, archives, list, polysemy, description, classification, reuse, selection, orientation, navigation.