Sky Memory Vasulkas


1. SLIDERS_lab, two forms, a torus and a double helix, with the images of Étienne J. Marey

Topomovies n° 5, interactive installation, 2009, CREA Numerica, Beyrouth, Lebanon.

2. Dome Fraunhofer, Fokus Lab.

3. Mock-up

4. Schema for works

5. IRCAM, Sound Music Movement Interaction

6. Sky Memory Vasulkas Sofware, 2013, prototype under development

7. Pedagogical presentation, SLIDERS_lab : Marey project

Two interactive installations, MIM (Marey Interactive Multimedia) and Chronophotomaton were made for the Museum of Fine Arts in Beaune, France.
Each, in its own way, highlights the work done by Marey on motion capture whether human, animal, or meteoric wave.

Both presentations were inaugurated on January 7 during "Moving Dialogues". Contemporary Perspectives on the work of Etienne-Jules Marey : Alexandra Allard, Paolo Gioli, Cédric Klapisch of the Museum of Fine Arts Beaune.

Partners : Étienne J. Marey Museum, Beaune, France; XLIM / SIC Laboratory, University of Poitiers (UMR CNRS 617); 2Roqs Studio, Bordeaux; the Martin Lecomte Workshop, Chasseneuil on Bonnieure.

MIM (Marey Interactif Multimédia), 2010-2011 / Interactive installation.

Chronophotomaton, 2010 2011 / Interactive installation.

8. Cinémathèque québécoise & the University of Paris 8
(Labex H2H/ANR)

The Cinémathèque québécoise now manages the Vasulka archives created by the Langlois Foundation by Jean Gagnon, now Director of preservation and access to collections at the Cinémathèque. SLIDERS_lab will be working with this archive to give it a virtual online presence for the Cinémathèque.
Viewers will be able to browse and navigate intelligently through the 30,000 documents consisting of drawings, writings, images, interviews and videos.

A network conection could duplicate the installation presented in Montreal for the Tate Modern exhibition. This will include a site-specific scenography for the construction of consultation spaces for the public.

9. Co-productions planned

Studio National des arts Contemporains, Le Frenoy, director Alain Fleischer, France ;

Liedts-Meesen Foundation, Ghent, Belgium ;

University of Paris 8, International Chair

10. DVLabs

DVLabs is a company specialized in digitizing video content that has worked extensively with museums such as the Smithsonian and the Whitney Museum.