TopoMovies (series)
3D shapes are covered with moving pictures. A virtual camera allows the viewers to explore these structures. The camera is programmed never to offer the same journey.

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Every scene from the first version of the Alfred Hitchcock's film, The Man Who New too Much, are put in a virtual space with its own assembling rules of playing picture-moving blocks.

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Cellphone-recorded video sequences inform a database shaped like a data tower. The "performers" are able to make real-time combinations of sounds and pictures, that could be almost qualified as "action moving".

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CRÉATEUF 2008, Châtellerault, France, May 15th.

The iMAL facilities have been the location of an artistic meeting between students from Brussels and members of the SLIDERS collective. The students were prompt to work as a mixed team and experiment the production of new « live » film variations of « Psycho » (A. Hitchcock, G. van Sant).

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iMAL, Brussels, Belgium, March.


A "Master class" was carried out with PhD students at the UQÀM. This workshop, focusing on cinema and interactivity, tackled the fine arts, cinema, music and computer programming. A performance held at the Hexagram closed the ten-day session.

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Hexagram, Montréal, Canada, June 1st.


A CD-Rom archive of the SLIDERS_lab performances was shown.

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Exhibition "Networked Realities & Prospective Locative Hacks", UC Santa Barbara & ACM (Association for Computing Machinery), Santa Barbara, USA, October 23-28th.

A collective performance of interactive cinema was held. A logic was set and a software was purposely written to allow manipulation of large sets of picture-moving blocks and soundtrack bits. The logic of this new type of cinema is based on data tagging.

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"Résonances" festival, IRCAM, Paris, France, June 10-11th; "Update" biennial event, Gand, Belgium, March 31; "Bandits-Mages" festival, Bourges, France, February 1st-4th.