Since July 2007, the laboratory is ran by Frédéric Curien, Jean-Marie Dallet and Thierry Guibert.

Jean-Marie Dallet, PhD, is in charge of its scientific liability.

Assistant research workers, also students at the ÉESI, are also involved in the project development : Olivier Gain, Fabien Zocco.

Frédéric Curien

Composer and sound artist, he teaches at the ÉESI and at the University of Poitiers. He runs the bassoon instrumental space Cartography project, and takes part in the Arcad program with the Acroe, whose aim is to integrate physical and theorical tools based on physical modelling into fine arts.

Frédéric Curien develops the audio part of SLIDERS, a collective attempt of interactive cinema. The project is supported by the D.A.P., Research and Innovation department.

He operates at the very junction of music and visual arts, on aesthetic quality of interactive sound and musical space in contemporary art. He takes interest in sound synthesis and composing environments, and produces music for film, concert and stage.

Jean-Marie Dallet

Artist, theorist and exhibition curator, he also teaches at the ÉESI and at the University of Poitiers. He runs the art school laboratory Figures de l'interactivité, in which he directs the SLIDERS research program supported by the D.A.P., Research and Innovation department.

He founded the biennial event Figures de l'interactivité" in 2007, whose first symposium "Cinéma, interactivité et société" took place in November 2008 at the T.A.P. of Poitiers.

Jean-Marie Dallet exhibited his work and research in France (Artifices biennial event, Villette Numérique, Cité des Sciences et de l’industrie, Le Fresnoy, Bibliothèque de l’Université Paris 8, Le confort moderne, Bandits-Mages, Île de Batz, etc.), in Belgium (Update biennial event), in Canada (ISEA), in Japan (ICC biennial event), in Czech Republic (Enter Multimedial festival), Finland, Tunisia, etc.

His theoretical and visual art work questions the fundamental issues of interactivity and the key figures responsible for that interaction (The idea of figure in interactive arts, PhD thesis, University of Paris 8, 2001). SLIDERS is a shared interactive work, a teaching concept and an experimental device which is at the junction of his concerns and those which, today, supply the thought process in art.

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Thierry Guibert

Teacher and researcher at ÉESI, he is also a PhD student in Visual and Media Arts at the UQÀM University in Montréal, Canada, and a member of the CIAM (Inter-university Centre for media related arts, Montréal).

He coordinated the symposium "Cinéma, interactivité et société" in November 2008, in which he focused more particularly on the development of international relationships with Canada.

He is an artist in media arts and his process and output focus mainly on cinema and computer science. As an author and a computer programmer, his films and installations have been the subect of several exhibitions in France and abroad : Portobello Film Festival (London, United Kingdom), Update biennial event (Gand, Belgium), Emirates Film Competition (Dubaï, United Arab Emirates), Medium = Message (at the HISK, Anvers, Belgium), Jouable (Geneva, Switzerland).

He has passed the agrégation in visual arts and currently works on a PhD at the UQÀM which deals with the issues of the technical and aesthetic mutations of the cinema-machine through the computing-machine.

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Assistant research workers

Fabien Zocco

Holder of a bachelor's degree in History, he studies at the ÉESI since 2007.

His plastic work examines the picture/sound/program relationships as well as the notions of shape, space and information in computing environments.