Research in 2009

1 - Enactive Ciné. Interaction multimodale avec les flux audiovisuels annotés (Enactive Cinema, multimodal interaction with tagged audiovisual streams) ANR project

The research project Enactive Ciné was put by the ANR on the complementary list of the program “Contenu et interactions” (Content and interaction), call for project 2009.

At a time where the share of digital broadcasting rises in the content of the networks, we must take interest in purposes that go beyond the simple "consumption" of audiovisual streams (watch a video from the beginning to the end, for instance) in order to explore new practical forms of collaborative reading and writing.

2 - The "Virage" project

« Virage (Shift) is a research platform project, allowed and commissionned by the National Agency of Research (Audiovisual and Multimedia department) for a time spanning from January 2008 to January 2010.
Its aim is to define specifications for the future development of new interfaces, by producing an in-depth study of uses, practices and professional needs in this area. These interfaces would be dedicated to write and control digital multimedia content for artistic creation, museography and cultural industries. »

In the end of May, a meet is scheduled with Pascal Baltazar, coordinator of the Virage platform. A workshop is planned in order to manipulate their prototypes. Those will be put at our disposal afterwards for future experiments in new forms of interactive narratives.

The purpose of this loan is to test their concepts and software, of course, but also to prepare the upstream possibility of putting together an ANR project during the 2010 session.

3 - An international collaborative project : the “Tvisionarium”

A partnership agreement is currently being studied for us to incorporate the research pole spearheaded by the iCinema centre of the University of New South Well, Sydney, Australia.
We are being asked to work and take part in the development of the "Tvisionarium" project. The goal here is to obtain a form of interactive cinema close to what is being developed by the SLIDERS_lab about browsing environnments into multidimensional databases.

4 – An international partnership, Tellhow animation institute, Nanchang, China

In the month of April, 2008, we have gone to China for a field trip in the city of Nanchang, at the invitation of the Tellhow institute of animation. The goal was to construct a international partnership with the institute, relying on educational methods and research.

A SLIDERS workshop and an international exhibition project at Nanchang, in partnership with the Siana association (International week of digital & alternative arts) and the Tellhow professional institute of animation, are planned in October 2009.
This event illustrates and goes with the development in Nanchang, the Jiangxi capital, of a 760-hectare technological area, dedicated to images. In the end, this technopole will put forward an art gallery on media arts, a showground focused on new images as well as centres of research, formation and production of animation and new narratives.

Tellhow is a high-tech business founded and developped in the « National High-Tech Development Zone » of Nanchang, with cooperation of the Province, the University of the provinces of Jiangxi and the University of Tsinghua. The Tellhow insitute, recently created, focuses on art and animation and has currently 370 students.

Research in 2008

1 - "The biennial event “Figures de l’interactivité” (Figures of interactivity), TAP, Poitiers

In partnership with the University of Poitiers, the CIAM and the Université of Quebec, Montréal, the ÉESI and the Mendès France space have organized an international symposium, “Cinéma interactivité et société” (Cinema, interactivity and society), November 19-21th, at the TAP — Poitiers National Scene.

The first symposium “Cinéma interactivité et société” invited artists and researchers to broaden the horizon, starting from cinema, and sweeping over a large range of issues connected to perception and the creation of moving pictures, from the viewpoint of interactivity.

2 - Migrating Reality, Berlin, Germany

Symposium and lectures, Berlin, April 3rd to 6th, 2008.
Migrating Reality is an European project that put in touch art institutes in Lituania, Germany and France. During this first meeting, topics about emigration, immigration and migration in general have been talked about. The underlying standpoint was that modern technologies have generated other forms of migration which are important to notice and analyse.

Following this first meeting, we have been able to write an European project, Migrating Academy, that has been approved by the European commission.

A book relating this first meeting has been edited and it recounts the exchange that have taken place between artists, researchers, teachers and students.

3 - Cine Lib. Multimodal and collaborative tagging tools for movie libraries, ANR project

At a time where audiovisual content --films, notably-- become more and more easy to access (through mass distribution of DVDs, development of IPTV and VoD websites, the use of big collaborative video websites to broadcast or promote films), the social and cultural ambition of this project is to allow the building of an individual and collective memory which deals with cinema.